The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.
Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.

Speading the Risk

Spreading risk is one of the most important principals of investing, not only between several different investment types (also known as asset classes) but also between different companies.

By taking this approach, even if a particular asset class or company goes through a bad patch, the rest of your investment need not be affected.

Deciding which asset classes to invest in to match the return you are looking for links to your chosen risk profile.

Examples of the different asset classes are outlined below.

  • Cash

  • Fixed Investment Securities (Bonds)

  • Commercial Property

  • Equities (Shares)

  • Commodities

  • Hedge Funds

Low Risk, Low Return


Cash is often perceived as a risk-free investment but it is also a low-return investment. Historically, cash has given a return close to zeron once the impact of inflation is taken into account.

Medium Risk, Medium Return

Commercial Property

Property is an asset class that has re-established its importance in the 21st century. It offers the potential for long-term income and capital growth and is normally uncorrelated to equity markets.

Equities (shares)

Investments in equities, both UK and global, has long been the cornerstone of most investment portfolios, providing long-term scope for growth of both capital and dividend income. Equity performance tends however, to be volatile in the short term.

High Risk, High Return


Commodity investments are useful in creating a diversified portfolio, and these are sometimes known as Alternative Investments.

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are an asset that can provide returns uncorrelated to both bonds and equities. Many hedge funds are design to capture market increases while at the same time offering protection against capital loss. These are sometimes known as Alternative Investments.

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